Kaal Masten


Kaal Masten has a very sophisticated logistics organisation. Using our own means of transport, products are delivered on time all over Europe on a daily basis. Our daily challenges are short turnaround times and high reliability of supply. Kaal Masten has a very modern transport fleet to meet these demands. We can also transport long and extremely long objects.

You will find out that our drivers are proud of their vehicles and the products they transport.

Delivery times depend on the type of column and the size of the order. Please contact one of the members of the Sales Department for information about delivery times.

Savings on transport

Kaal Masten can multitask thanks to our multi-purpose truck (MPT). The MPT enables us to install columns quickly through the application of a tube pile foundation. The vehicle has all the equipment needed to do the entire job independently. The ground sleeve, column and accessories can be transported on the same trip. Consequently, Kaal Masten can make significant savings on the number vehicles required compared with the number needed for a concrete foundation for example.