Kaal Masten

Stability testing with Mastap

In order to make the living environment as safe and sustainable as possible, it is also important to obtain an understanding of the current status of columns in public spaces. Columns that have exceeded their economic lifetimes can still be in good condition.

In order to make sure about this, it is now possible to carry out a non-destructive test that shows whether a column is technically suitable to remain in use.



Testing columns at the location

As part of our sustainability policy, our range of services has been extended to include a new aspect: testing columns at the location. Using the Mastap method we can, for example, determine the current condition of columns and formulate expectations about the future.

In this way we can help you to get the most out of your columns. 

Appraisal of column & foundation 

The information reported by Mastap includes three important test results:

  1. Assessing the presence of foundation damage
  2. Assessing the stability
  3. Lifetime forecast  

Stability testing with Mastap

Mastap is a new pioneering measuring instrument that is used to objectively appraise the current stability and the remaining operational lifetime. This revolutionary test method is based on the relationship between the theoretical and measured natural frequency of the column.

Mastap can be used anywhere. Kaal Masten can test wooden, steel, aluminium and concrete columns. Columns made from a combination of materials are also eligible for a stability test.