Kaal Masten


It goes without saying that sustainability is a ‘green’ theme throughout Kaal Masten. Kaal Masten seeks to reduce the consumption of energy and scarce raw materials to a minimum. The focus is also on creating awareness among all employees.




Sustainability policy

Kaal Masten’s policy is aimed at developing both sustainable products and sustainable manufacturing. The Climate Neutral Group (CNG) has been appointed to monitor this policy and to give Kaal Masten intensive support in climate neutral activities. Many reduction measures have been implemented under the guidance of a sustainability coach from the CNG.

Naturally Kaal Masten is a CO2 Neutral organisation.

Successful sustainability coaching trajectory

Kaal Masten has deliberately decided to do more than just compensate for its CO2 emissions. Substantial steps have therefore been taken in the field of climate neutral activities. This is why Kaal Masten received the very first certificate for successfully completing the CNG’s sustainability coaching trajectory. The certificate is recognition of all the efforts that Kaal Masten has devoted to climate neutral business.