Kaal Masten


Kaal Masten cares about safety in the broadest sense of the term. We attach importance to social safety and a safe environment for road users. Moreover, public property must be well secured. 

For a safe and secured public area, Kaal Masten develops a broad product range:

Camera poles

Nowadays, camera surveillance is common in public areas. Therefore, it no longer ends with pure functionality; an attractive site also deserves aesthetically looking camera poles.

Kaal Masten also took several anti-vandalism measures in order to provide protection against theft and vandalism. 

Passively safe lighting columns

Kaal Masten develops passively safe lighting columns that meet the most demanding European Union passive safety requirement - 100,NE,03. It concerns cylindrical conical steel lighting poles.


Radar-, sein- en bakenmasten

Columns are indispensable to lighting, cameras, beacons and signals at locks, bridges, viaducts, tunnels, dikes, flood barriers and ports. Our columns have also been installed along the coast so that shipping at sea can be monitored. In this way waterways far beyond the Netherlands are safeguarded by our radar masts.

Different mast designs are possible, with and without equipment rooms at heights, depending on the required stiffness. Kaal Masten manufactures lattice work or cylindrical masts, and also has expertise in the field of designing radar masts.