Kaal Masten

Production facilities

Kaal Masten manufactures all columns, column components and structures in its own most modern manufacturing units. Highly qualified employees and an extremely modern range of equipment are available to produce for you. Over the last few years our site has been extended to 44,000 m2 with large office and manufacturing facilities.

People make quality
Welding is one of our most important primary processes. Kaal Masten is therefore a leader in welding techniques. Highly trained and qualified welders produce your columns using modern equipment and according to the latest welding techniques and methods.

Internationally, Kaal Masten ‘welds’ at high level. Kaal Masten has been accredited for years by the TuV in Austria and we have the Grosser Eignungsnachweiss, which is required in Germany. 


Western European steel

We use Western European steel to make top quality columns. A range of materials are made into end products using ultramodern machines, including steel sheet, pipe and solid bars for lattice work structures. Other environmentally responsible materials, for example stainless steel and wood, are also options.