Kaal Masten

More than Masts: Our added value

We add value through our working methods. We do more than make top quality columns. Kaal Masten has built up expertise in many disciplines. From design to manufacture, from coating to transportation of the finished product, its erection and inspection. The know-how portfolio was completed by the launch of the Mastap test method. Thanks to its complete service package, Kaal Masten relieves customers of all concerns.

Kaal Masten likes to help by coming up with solutions. Doing business with Kaal Masten means that you have regular contact persons. They provide input and assist you, so that the best result is achieved.

In-house facilities 

Since we do this in-house, a project can be assessed, accepted and completed as a whole. We do not only consider the technical specifications of the column, but also the desires of the area where the mast will be placed.