Kaal Masten

Mission and vision


Our mission is aimed to provide customers with high-quality masts and to help them at all times by providing services and custom solutions. Just like you, we are committed to work to a safe and better living environment. 



We are convinced that innovation leads to a better and safer living environment. To keep innovating, we invest in knowledge, to be able to realize any demand in the field of columns. We are more than willing to share with stakeholders, the knowledge we add to our product and our expertise. 



  • CO2-Reduction
    It goes without saying that sustainability is a recurring theme at Kaal Masten. The aim of Kaal Masten is to minimize the use of energy and scarce raw materials. In addition, the focus is on creating awareness among all employees. Kaal Masten is guided and audited by a professional consultancy on sustainability. 
  • Improvement of public areas
    Our ambitions go way beyond that. Improvement is central in our vision regarding the way of the future. Material, design, coating and colour determine the appearance and image, when entering a village or city. With the endless possibilities of today, Kaal Masten is the perfect party to turn to if you wish to give your project a unique identity. 
  • Visualize your public areas
    Kaal Masten have made beautification of public areas important. The OV2 manual makes designers aware of the impact of (lighting) columns on the streets. The book also includes an excellent basic tool for visualizing an environment with different types of columns and fixtures.


Core values

Kaal Masten attaches importance to: 

  • Innovation
  • Partnership
  • Stress free solutions 
  • Sustainability 

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