Kaal Masten


Safety, lighting and a good atmosphere; this is what we seek to achieve with our lighting poles.

In the first place a column’s function is important, but a lighting pole also has to look good. By matching it to the desired luminaire, we create an ideal combination of functionality and form.

Public lighting

You can see lighting poles of all possible designs made by Kaal Masten in public spaces – at roundabouts and intersections, on playing fields, along motorways or when walking through a shopping centre. You can find many variants, from standard ‘lampposts’ to decorative masts and passively safe lighting columns. Cylindrical stepped, round conical or parabolic – we can make any desired shape. Our lighting poles are suitable for all makes of light fitting.
You can call in Kaal Masten for the entire trajectory, from lighting concept to testing lighting poles.

Site and playing field lighting

We apply our specialist know-how to every simple and complex lighting purpose.

Our lighting poles have provided light at many industrial sites, business parks, car parks and playing fields. Ports, airports and stadiums also need specific lighting. The meticulous implementation of such a lighting project requires specialists. We give you the most appropriate solution.

Columns are available in many designs – for example a permanent, non-climbable pole or, for extra easy maintenance, a hinged or climbable lighting pole. All our climbable lighting poles have permanent welded climbing rungs and facilities for fitting a fall arrest system.

Lamp racks

We provide a range of lamp racks for floodlights, either suspended or supported from below. From single to six-fold lamp racks and complete lighting systems. A lowerable lamp rack is a safe and practical maintenance solution. On playing fields the lighting can be combined with cameras for observation or security, for example, or with aerials for GSM and UMTS.    

Suspended cable lighting

Suspended cable lighting is one of Kaal Masten’s strengths. In suspended cable lighting the light fittings are suspended from a cable that is tensioned by two or more poles. An appropriate aesthetic solution where no column can be installed. This method is being used more and more for styled lighting in residential centres. Suspended cable lighting also provides very good dispersion of light outside built-up areas.