Kaal Masten


Larger columns and structures are erected inside and outside Europe by our own installation teams. They are specially trained mechanics who can work at heights. They receive additional training a few times a year in order to keep certificates up to date, for instance for safe working at heights.

At complex locations they analyse the situation on the spot beforehand. It goes without saying that our project leaders provide everything that is needed to do the job, such as cranes and cherry pickers.

Rapid installation with tube pile foundation

Kaal Masten can install columns in an environmentally aware way. We do this by means of the sustainable tube pile foundation. The foundation is ideal when there is urgency, if nuisance to the surroundings must be kept to a minimum or if a temporary facility is required.

Soil survey

A proper soil survey is important for design calculations and placing a column. This concerns design calculations for the right foundation and also the material thickness and structure of the column itself. Soil survey reports can be supplied by the customer or at our request by specialised firms.