Kaal Masten


The process does not stop for Kaal Masten when the column has been installed and starts working. A column is subject to environmental factors that can affect its structure or lifetime. This is why Kaal Masten offers to conduct inspections in order to flag possible defects and unsafe situations. In this way maintenance costs can be contained in the long term. We are moreover able to carry out the recommended maintenance ourselves.

Thorough inspection 

The whole structure is checked visually as standard practice by our highly trained and experienced specialists. Generally speaking the structure is inspected in regard to the following items: conservation, welds, flanges, mechanical fixings, aerial holders, fixing of luminaires and platforms. The presence and condition of the required fall arrest system is very important. Specific checks, for example coating thickness, can also be made on request. Our inspections are carried out safely and in accordance with the applicable guidelines.

Inspecting different types of column 

Among other things Kaal Masten can inspect the following:

  • Communication towers, such as lattice towers and cylindrical monopoles
  • Advertising columns
  • Site lighting poles
  • Playing field lighting poles
  • Signal, radar and beacon masts 


The detailed inspection report contains our findings illustrated with photographs. We also make recommendations about any extra maintenance or repairs so that any problems can be solved. 

Carrying out maintenance and repairs on the column

Kaal Masten is able to carry out the recommended maintenance or repairs. In addition to the inspections and possible additional maintenance referred to above, we can also do the following for you:

  • Strength calculations.
  • Supply and possibly install additional components, such as aerial outreach brackets or lamp racks.
  • Dismantling, replacement or relocation of a column if desirable.
  • Installing the proper fall arrest system.
  • Replacing parts that are likely to wear, such as winch cables or guide rollers.
  • Welding or other repair activities at the location and at heights.