Kaal Masten

Design and calculation


Kaal Masten designs all kinds of models and versions of columns itself. We employ our own design engineers and draughtsmen, who are available to make customised designs for you. If desired, we can design a completely tailor-made new column or column range.

Designs and drawings are regularly supplied, for example by design firms, urban architects and industrial designers. Together with our project leader, we provide our technical knowledge and experience in order to reach the ideal visual and technical result. 



Vision on design 

Of course Kaal Masten has a vision about the design of a column. We display our latest innovations and designs in our Column Display Zone.

Drawing office

Our design engineers and draughtsmen use the latest drawing systems. This means that we can work flexibly and make technical changes quickly. Drawings are made of each component for the manufacturing departments as well as for our customers. Calculations are made for even the smallest parts, and if necessary drawings of them are produced. We also produce drawings for all components that can be made using the computer controlled 3D laser.