Kaal Masten


There is no accounting for taste, but we agree that columns should be in harmony with their immediate surroundings. We can create any desired character with the current range of environmentally responsible materials and coating facilities. We frequently work hand in hand with designers,  urban- and landscape architects. 

Special or standard 

Kaal Masten pursues quality rather than quantity. Besides series production, we would be very pleased to be of service in manufacturing that one special for you. Kaal Masten is able to make your specific column design(s) thanks to far-reaching automation and the high degree of flexibility in our manufacturing units.

Styled masts 

Public spaces are the visiting cards of a town or village. Upon arrival, road users should be given an impression that they will never forget. Kaal Masten is anticipating a clear trend where a community’s own identity has to be projected. Styled columns can contribute to this. We help you to select the desirable style for a location. Let our Column Display Zone inspire you. 


Works of art

Kaal Masten is regularly asked to design and manufacture structures for works of art in public spaces. In many cases they are designed by design agencies, urban architects and urban planners. We translate their ideas from a technical design into a fine piece of art.