Kaal Masten

Sustainable coating

Kaal Masten is working hard to extend the lifetime of columns. We can apply the newest conservation innovations. Coating technologies, ground level protectors and root treatments have been further developed in a range of alliances.

Durable DCC-coating

Kaal Masten has set the standard for optimal conservation of columns with DCC-coatings. We can extend the lifetime of your column by using Kaal-DCC-coating.

It goes without saying that we can apply several conservation techniques. All our columns are thermally galvanised in accordance with the applicable standards (NEN-EN ISO 1461). You can choose between a Kaal DCC-coating, a painted coating or a powder coating. 

Wear-resistant ground level protection: HMR® 

To reinforce the Kaal DCC-coating, we can also provide an extra durable and wear-resistant product to protect the base of the column and the root: HMR® ground level protector and root sleeve.

Besides HMR® we can also provide columns with conventional ground level protectors, for example Fibaroll bandage, shrink sleeves or asphalt/glass fibre bandage.