Kaal Masten

Catenary masts

Catenary masts are used for supporting overhead cables for trams, trolleybuses, metros and trains. The pole must be able to withstand large tensile forces in order to keep the overhead cable in position. We have all the facilities in house to manufacture overhead cable poles with the desired strength to withstand maximum tensile forces at the top of the poles. Besides their functionality, tensioning poles determine the appearance of the living environment. Kaal Masten has therefore given considerable thought to the aesthetic aspects of these products.


Tailor-made catenary masts

Overhead cable projects are usually very complex and call for tailor-made specialist work. Our project leaders are therefore very willing to give input and come forward with solutions. The whole process can be done and supervised by us. For example, Kaal Masten is able to carry out the design work and the associated calculations. The mast is manufactured to meet your specific requirements. We do this on the basis of the stated maximum tensile force at the top of the pole. Kaal Masten uses the accepted European standards for making mast design calculations.

Unique vertical test unit

In order to guarantee the quality of the catenary poles, the bending of the poles in a vertical position is tested in our professional vertical test unit.

Supply and installation throughout Europe

Thanks to our extensive transport fleet, we are able to deliver to any desired location in Europe. We can install columns in a very short time by using our tube pile foundation. It is ideal when nuisance to local residents and traffic must be kept to a minimum and when columns have to be positioned close to buildings.

Suspended cable lighting

Kaal Masten can also provide catenary masts for public lighting. The pole then acts as a point to suspend cable lighting for instance.  

Multifunctional columns

In many cases columns can be designed to support several objects. For example, the column can combine advertising boards, aerial brackets, signposting and other accessories. Kaal Masten encourages the use of multifunctional columns from the perspective of sustainability.