Kaal Masten

About Kaal Masten

In a few decades Kaal Masten has developed into a leading professional manufacturer of columns. The experience and know-how built up over all those years have contributed to this achievement. Read more about our milestones or watch our corporate film.


Kaal Masten celebrates her 65th anniversary in 2012!

Since 1947
The foundations for what has currently developed into Kaal Masten B.V. were laid in 1947. Kaal Technische Aanneming began by doing contracting, excavation works and installing cable networks. The production of lighting poles was initiated for the company’s own use.

The production of lighting poles for third parties was started. The firm continued under the name Kaal – Van der Linden.

In 1992 Kaal – Van der Linden split up into Kaal Technische Aanneming and Kaal Mastenfabriek B.V. and was taken over by our current parent company A.Hakpark.

We became the first column manufacturer in the Netherlands to obtain an ISO 9001 certificate. 

Kaal Mastenfabriek B.V. opened its first branch abroad. The office is in Linz, Austria.

We were granted the Grosser Eignungsnachweis certificate.

Kaal Mastenfabriek B.V. was modernised and changed its name to Kaal Masten B.V.

Kaal Masten’s new high-tech coating facility was officially started up.  

We have developed into the biggest manufacturer of columns in the Netherlands. Our facilities cover an area of 44,000 m². We have some 115 employees, our own transport, and our own installation and service teams. Kaal Masten exports to many countries in Europe and beyond.