Kaal Masten

Quality, Health, Safety & Environment

Kaal Masten has put quality control at the top of the agenda. We became the first in our industry in the Netherlands to obtain an ISO 9001 certificate.  In addition to quality control, Kaal Masten pays a great deal of attention to health and safety at work and environmental aspects. For example, we have SCC** and OHSAS 18001 certificates.


A selection of our certifications:


Kaal Masten, an example for many

Kaal Masten is an example for many other manufacturing companies when it comes to safety and the environment. In addition to complying with the tough environmental requirements, Kaal Masten devotes a considerable effort to working conditions in the factory. The certification of our health, safety (according to OHSAS 18001) and environmental management systems (according to ISO 14001) demonstrates our devotion.    

Ideal working conditions

It goes without saying that safety courses are compulsory for our employees. Many overhead cranes are used in order to make the working conditions in the factory as safe and comfortable as possible. An air extraction system has been installed throughout the whole factory in order to optimise the work environment. As a result essentially all welding fumes and particulates are removed. In addition welders also have an extra individual air filter system.

Ergonomically sound working practices

Kaal Masten reduces physically demanding activities for its manufacturing employees as much as possible. The use of welding manipulators enables employees to rotate the pipes during welding, so that underhand welding is possible in an ergonomically sound manner. In this way the quality of the column is also assured.

Sustainability Coaching Certificate

Kaal Masten was moreover the first to receive a certificate for successfully completing the sustainability coaching trajectory of the Climate Neutral Group. The certificate is recognition for all of Kaal Masten’s efforts with regard to climate neutral business.