Kaal Masten

Smart Solar Innovations

 With its robust high quality design, low maintenance construction and long-lasting components, the SPIRIT brings you the most sustainable result with the minimum environmental burden. The energy yield is high, the columns and the batteries are completely recyclable and electricity consumption has been reduced to zero. This significantly decreases the CO2 footprint of your public lighting. The column, produced from thermally galvanised steel, is treated in-house with a very sustainable coating system (when desired): Kaal DCC coating, which has a CO2 free application. Furthermore, the columns are suitable for all high quality LED fixtures. This means that the SPIRIT is also the most sustainable choice in relation to the lighting. The columns are delivered with vertically mounted and easy-to-clean PV panels, in-house developed electronic controlling and charging units, as well as lead crystal batteries, allowing frequent complete discharging without limiting their durability. A self-inflicted air flow through the column limits the operating temperature.

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